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Discover the Cancer sign, the crab who's the emotional center of the zodiac. Learn about Cancer zodiac sign dates & traits with!.

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Your Moon sign is where the Moon was in the zodiac chart at the time of your birth. Of all the planets, the Moon moves fastest the Moon changes sign every 2. Your Moon sign represents emotions: how you express emotion, what makes you happy or sad, and your deepest needs. Your Rising sign, also called the Ascendant, is the zodiac sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

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To calculate your Rising sign, you'll need to know your birth time and location. Your rising sign represents the qualities you show most to the world: how people see you, how they experience your personality, and their first impressions. Horoscopes can help your love life, your career, and even your health -- but there's so much more than just that! Learn more about daily horoscopes, as well as other astrological tidbits that can help you on your personal journey.

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Can your daily horoscope really give you accurate answers? Are there indicators of wealth in YOUR horoscope?

Knowing your natal horoscope opens doors of opportunity. Astrology can be a powerful tool on your quest to find romantic fulfillment.

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Discover how you can use the cosmos to predict when, where, and how specific love energies will impact YOUR love life! You CAN know what's coming up next in your love life! Which signs are most compatible between the sheets? Can opposite zodiac signs meet in the middle to find love?

The app has a fun feature that lets you share any horoscope with your friends. This app has some of the usuals you look for in an astrology app.

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You can read your horoscope for different time frames including your day, week or even year. You can also unlock an extra feature if you're willing to dish out some dollars for it.

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From the app, you can chat with experienced psychics who'll give more deeper and more personalized information than your horoscope. Astrology Zone is a daily horoscope app where you can read your daily and monthly horoscopes, check your compatibility with someone and read essays from astrologer Susan Miller. The app offers both a free version and a paid premium version, which gives you access to extra perks like a look at the week ahead, the option to look at today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's horoscopes and more access to Susan's essays on topics like mercury retrogade.

If you want to go deeper than just your daily horoscope, then this app is for you. On it, you can also get an image of your birth chart while checking out the meanings of your sun, moon and rising sign. The app also helps you keep track of moon phases and upcoming mercury retrogade phases.

It's sharing feature allows you to compare charts with your friends, so you're both in the know of upcoming events affecting your signs. The Chaturanga Astrology app is based on the Vedic zodiac system. Owning the Chaturanga app is like having a personal astrologer in your phone. Using information about when you were born, the app is able to provide you with detailed and personalized answers to your most pressing questions. You can ask it anything, but some examples of questions are "Should I move to another country" and "What kind of partner do I need?

On the app, you can find your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes and find out whether your bae is into you by using their Love Horoscopes feature.

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If you want to know whether you and your celebrity crush are destined, then you can find out using this app. Aside with providing you with daily, monthly and yearly readings, the app also has a celebrity match feature where you can check the compatibility between you and your crush. The app also includes other features like tarot readings, numerology and your blood type personality. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. MicrovOne Getty Images. The DailyHoroscope. Co-Star Personalized Astrology.

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