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The Rooster can have a long-term relationship with the Ox or with the Snake because they have complementary temperaments. Nor two Rooster under the same roof would have a happy house. In , regardless of how much love is between the Rooster and the Rat, in the end, the disagreements will prove to be stronger than their love. In love, everything will be fine, but they will need someone with whom to hit the road this year.

If you are already involved in a relationship, try to appreciate the person next to you and offer enough attention to your partner otherwise, you risk losing his support. They are adepts of constructive criticism and for this reason, any praise sounds more like lessons or parables. They stick to formalities and they analyze very well a person before they get involved in a relationship. When they fall in love, the Rooster natives can be very passionate and committed to the relationship they build. They believe in long terms relationships, based on solid feelings.

They like flirting and adventures, but they will never confuse them with love. Health-wise, it is very likely to encounter some problems mainly caused by stress. Stress can affect the physical and mental health of the Rooster natives in Anxiety is also a factor of risk for their health, and the difficulties they face can manifest through exhaustion.

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Towards the end of , the Rooster natives have a good state of health, but they should be careful when they travel because they are prone to accidents! You will come to terms with the mistakes from the past and you will stop tolerating negative people around yourself. You prefer the quiet background rather than being on the front lines.

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Solitude is most suited to your character and you like to give advice or sympathy. You can be sentimental when it comes to emotions, and you can be too sensitive for yout own good. Your surroundings can easily affect your emotions. You are highly emotional and act from emotions. You can be easily influenced by others and are not very practical when it comes to money.

In love, you allow youtself to indulge in a relationship completely as you have an idealistic belief in mutual devotion. However, your relationship can be disappointing if it lacks this element. Piscean Monkey Cheetah - b.

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Compassionate and kind, you put others needs before your own. These qualities combined with the highly intelligent and strategic traits of the Monkey, can bring tremendous benefits to the world at large. However, you need to be careful of not getting carried away with idealism and sentimentality which can lapse into melancholy. You have a keen interest in esoterism, religion and the paranormal.

In these areas, you will be able to distinguish yourself. Where matters of the heart are concerned, in order for your relationships to be successful, a strong friendship with your partner must be present. The Rooster is very explicit; what you see is what you get but the Pisces in him makes him more public relations oriented and appeasing in nature. You are conservative and law abiding; and you usually have a balanced life of work and rest.

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You are a mysterious personality and it is difficult for others to get to know you, because you alternatively present two totally different facets. People only see either the swaggering and aggressive side of the Rooster in you, or only the dreamy and idealistic side of the Pisces. In love, you are sensitive, responsible and reliable to your partner. Your family is your reason for living and you will put it above everything. Piscean Dog Tarsier - b. Being less vigilant results in the Dog being less argumentative and aggressive.

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The serene and calming Fish also influences the Dog to place more emphasis on security and comfort, contrary to the Dog?? You are intuitive, hypersensitive, romantic, lethargic and dreamy. You are always on the lookout for what cannot be grasped and you love changes and escapism. You use your penetrating intuition to solve your problems. You place great importance on romantic love. You are affectionate and will lavish attention profusely upon your loved ones.

Reflective of being in the water all the time, Pisces naturally brings with it flair in possessing survival instincts, and an ability in observing and understanding others whilst the Pig remains optimistic and dynamic. As a natural Pig, you avoid confrontations and any relationships that you have is very much cherished. Support from exterior sources comes easy for you, although you have to be wary of those whose aim is solely to take advantage of you.

You are generous and do not mind showering your loved ones and family with much fondness and whatever you are able to afford. Romantic love takes on great importance in your life.

You lavish profusely on your loved ones. Posted by beautifuldiaster What a cool ass thread. Would you so kind to post one for a Sagittarius dragon 88? I'm on my phone and cannot look it up.

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Sure, dear Whale Good humored, placid, affectionate, and opinionated, the Sagittarian Dragon is fast, loyal and harbours no deception. These Aries do not make friends easily, but they are immensely loyal to their long-standing acquaintances. The Aries Ox's proneness to be stubborn beyond reason is one of the two main weakness in their personality. The other is their tendency to sometimes be rather impulsive and take unnecessary risks.

Occasionally, these people will be tempted to gamble or risk everything for the sake of one thing.

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They can have little moments of madness where they do silly things, especially with money. This weakness is most often overcome as the Aries Ox gets older and wiser, with a more controlled and sensible attitude towards finances. The Adamant Aries Ox Personality Ancient Chinese Astrology describes the Ox as a tenacious, hardworking and reliable creature with a contemplative, quite shy nature.

Comments: Aries Ox Personality.

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Is there ANY hope?? Laura Hi I'm a Gemini ox Female and the man I'm dating is an Aries ox. Please thank you Aries Ox here You want to figure him out Be his friend Someone he can talk to about anything and everything without judging him Be his wife loving caring nurturing to him and future family Be his mistress in bed surprise him all the time do crazy and wild things to keep him wanting more You be those 3 people in 1 and he'll the most loyal and loving personne to you for life And honestly all men and women should be all those 3 to make it work Good luck to you.

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Ana Williams Great! Hitler was the year of the ox Aries too! And believe me when i tell you that i do not like the sign of the goat at all. Since we're not even compatible with eachoother at all. Plus the goat sign is whereas i generally don't get along with at all. I don't like the sign of goat and never did.

Nor will i ever. Is that a trait for younger Aries ox boys?